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ring lights and other gadgets

to look good on your zoom calls 

Plus, phone stands for at-home video production

Our favorites

improve your look on Zoom calls 

Floor Stand Phone holder

This portable floor model can move anywhere you work or play!

It holds smartphones and tablets. It's perfect for shooting social media videos, online learning, Zoom calls, product demonstrations, or just plain old watching a movie or scrolling through social media.


zoom meetings are the New norm

Leaving your laptop on a table can damage the computer due to excess heat and spills. You also don't look your best from a lower angle. Fix your zoom and online learning set up today with our products!

Real People, Real Results

See our lights and phone/tablet holders in action! See the problems our products solve. They are ergonomic and allow for hands-free work and play. The portability and versatile design of our phone stands and swivel arms move into position wherever you need them. So they can help improve posture, relieve neck pain, and alleviate pain from texting in your hands and wrists.  

INsta Selfies


improve Screen time

With our little ones spending so much time on screens, we need to start thinking about the long term affects that poor posture, hand motor skills, and screen angle can have. Our products can help to alleviate some of the damage that is done. 

online learning posture help.jpg

“I worried about my son spending so much time looking down at his tablet for school. The tablet holder helped with those fears.”

christine, denver
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