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No more having to hold your phone up for hours!!

This neck sling is perfect to hold your phone while lying down watching a movie, reading or just plain old scrolling on social media.  Better yet, Imagine not having to hold your phone to watch a movie on an AIRPLANE.  This twisty turvy phone holder can be adjusted into the best position for you and it will hold in place. It can withstand texting too! It’s ergonomically friendly and helps to take the strain off your neck, wrist, and elbow.  

Neck Sling for Phone/Kindle

SKU: 008
$29.00 Regular Price
$17.99Sale Price
    • Perfect for watching a movie on an airplane
    • Giving your wrist and pinky a break from holding phone while texting. Ergonomic-friendly
    • You'll love to use this when watching videos while lying down
    • This is a lifesaver for parents whose kids use their phones while in the car seat. No more toddler dropping your phone on the floor while you're driving!!!

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